Our mission at Eagan Disc Center is to help each patient achieve optimum wellness and freedom in health through proper care.

Dr. Shelly Recer, D.C.

Eagan MN Back Pain Doctor Shelly RecerDr. Shelly Recer was trained in chiropractic at Northwestern Health Science University and graduated in 1996. Along with a Doctorate of Chiropractic, she did also receive her Bachelors of Science in Human Biology. After working with another chiropractic doctor for a couple years, she opened Eagan Family Chiropractic in 1998 and has focused on many different techniques to assist her patients in their healing journey. Being able to use a variety of options such as laser, decompression, massage, cupping and exercise, she has been very successful in meeting her patients expectations of recovery with their health. Dr. Shelly is especially interested in complex cases, which many have tried numerous other therapies and treatments with little to no success. This is where her ability to dig into the details and structure a personalized plan for her patients that meets their individual needs comes through.

She does treat a wide variety of patients including athletes, older adults, children, pregnant women and entire families. Dr. Shelly is a mother of six terrific kids — all have received regular treatments since the day they were born. Moms and Dads love coming to the office too because it is so friendly towards kids and they can achieve their health goals too — all at one location. Dr. Shelly has great success with conditions that are both new and old or that have not responded to other treatments. Injuries, accidents, chronic repetitive symptoms and disc issues are all treated with excellent success. She is able to give you options other than medications, shots or surgery that are less invasive and easier on your body.

Dr. Shelly says…

“My goal for you is to improve the state of health you are in. This is different for everyone. There are so many ways to improve how you feel and how your body works. I like to add to the adjustments with nutritional and vitamin supplements, essential oils, exercises, and lifestyle changes. There are many facets to you and they all need to be addressed. Your body has the ability to make changes and heal itself — we just have to figure out a way to make that happen for you. I would like to give you natural options for your health.”

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